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Available Known Firmware for ARCADE/GEX

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MD5SizePUP VersionDescription & Link
87a6d90352c3b184325c38e74c81caae117.04MB2.51PS3 Official Firmware 2.51 ARCADE/GEX (OFW 2.51 GEX)
49a1f22f7adaf92c6e6e4c3661786dc4139.22MB3.60PS3 Official Firmware 3.60 ARCADE/GEX (OFW 3.60 GEX)
82692cf85dfef6ac23297758d4e744f8143.31MB3.70PS3 Official Firmware 3.70 ARCADE/GEX (OFW 3.70 GEX)
ff80eb8c48a5232328bd88ec35b4a088152.19MB4.40PS3 Official Firmware 4.40 ARCADE/GEX (OFW 4.40 GEX)
8de8f54c3173264b15cc3d84b49f144f152.68MB4.50PS3 Official Firmware 4.50 ARCADE/GEX (OFW 4.50 GEX)
5addd20173bfb15b6e18461b8f928027153.01MB4.70PS3 Official Firmware 4.70 ARCADE/GEX (OFW 4.70 GEX)