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Available Known Firmware for Habib CFW

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MD5SizePUP VersionDescription & Link
93f0d83b25462c855fcc37c13c96a8d1183.63MB3.55 HABIB -DOWNGRADERHabib 999 Downgrader (This is for firmware 4.XX) (RSOD + BT Patch) [WARNING: THIS DOWNGRADES YOUR SYSTEM TO 3.55]
16743b84c521f30bf182b772b30f9728194.59MB4.50Habib CFW + dual booting (FW 4.50 [CEX])
282dc0334ddd72e42374ed3ee5161197194.33MB4.50Habib CFW v1.00 (FW 4.50 [CEX])
b257faecc3476b69b2c202c161eded07196.3MB4.60Habib CFW v1.00 (FW 4.60 [CEX])
aa7239616b8955c59cfc3df0b7e72bd3196.41MB4.75Habib CFW v1.00 (FW 4.75 [???})
c3a7cfe8d69cafdf148ba07f4c1022e3196.18MB4.76 [PUAD] [PUAD]Habib CFW v1.00 (FW 4.76 [???])
8ba29afcafe8cf3d3543d13cb4a3c553194.36MB4.53 HABIB/COBRAHabib CFW v1.00 + Cobra (FW 4.53 [CEX]) [WARNING: REMOVE SPOOF(S) BEFORE INSTALLING!]
c4e90b5f41cbc12ebd9db80e78be0b0e197.18MB4.55Habib CFW v1.00 + Cobra (FW 4.55 [CEX])
087c98a27fff4feddb89183ab7bdd016194.66MB4.55Habib CFW v1.00 + Zero (FW 4.55 [CEX])
d8fb6fa6df3e3dd565467110d63eeb4b195.98MB4.66Habib CFW v1.01 + Cobra (FW 4.66 [CEX])
ef1f25ca13b22011a0a9b74dc60a4c38194.77MB4.50Habib CFW v1.02 (FW 4.50 [CEX])
e0505bebf8346b005b944f736a41be49194.37MB4.53 HABIB/COBRAHabib CFW v1.02 + Cobra (FW 4.53 [CEX]) [WARNING: REMOVE SPOOF(S) BEFORE INSTALLING!]
953637211a4f00b1bf996e2adf20b3c3196.25MB4.70Habib CFW v1.03 (FW 4.70 [???])
bd7a2e87386d5c8718bc3ac5d86569d7193.59MB4.46-HABIB/COBRAHabib CFW v1.03 + Cobra (FW 4.46 [CEX])
3b5ddb4b4f2bd0ab8551671fe4934d33200.74MB4.55Habib CFW v1.03 + Cobra (FW 4.55 [CEX])
66dd52844c559dbc513ba5b8ce4e9c65200.68MB4.53 HABIB/COBRA v1.05Habib CFW v1.05 + Cobra (FW 4.53 [CEX]) [WARNING: REMOVE SPOOF(S) BEFORE INSTALLING!]
6bce102e7fbf48d824817004eb914c70193.87MB4.46-HABIB [PUAD] [PUAD] [PUAD]Habib CFW v1.09 (FW 4.46 [CEX])
204ba1eac5976e2f0bddf58317215e0a193.86MB4.46-HABIBHabib CFW v1.13 (FW 4.46 [CEX])
68e337fe264c0a4b2f7ea7cf3a658167195.63MB4.75Habib CFW v2.00 + Cobra (FW 4.75 [???])
d5316b5fa0422658fb2796446fb86a28192.77MBHabib CFW v3.00 + Cobra (FW 4.75 [???])
20f0fe916642cedc0de4b588d5b749ca192.63MBHabib CFW v4.00 + Cobra (FW 4.75 [???])
2de6e66fd86776db90cea63fa8c06bb2180.7MB4.78 [PUAD] [PUAD]Habib CFW v?.?? (FW 4.78 [???])
e96773cf7b9ac184c87e1ee30521c582198.22MBHabib Starbucks CFW + Cobra v7.40 (FW 4.81 [CEX])