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Available Known Files for PS3 Misc

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MD5SizeDescription & Link
CA0B93FA674DA15445B91EEF194537AF1.04MBREBUG Toolbox 02.02.09 Source Code
83DD4964868508AD850EE57C4D88BCEA115BREBUG PS2 Launcher RAP File
8FE56A1CF207D821EB6909FC14F6641F5.5MBPS3Xploit PS3 NAND Flasher v2.0.2 (FW 4.85)
4866F6349172C4FEC50811C8C3E347B42.67MBps3netsrv (win+src) (20200708)
FDBBEF52BE06298C522B19A122A0F71D520.12KBPS3 Cover Tool v1.1z (zefie mod to fix SSL issue with GameTDB) (without covers)
D48EC33E95818B83F463B0E5EE5B133D60.09MBPS3 Cover Tool v1.1z (zefie mod to fix SSL issue with GameTDB) (includes 1000+ covers)
90168C03B217CE775A7839D87BBFF2A3365.5KBManufacturing Updater for Reset.self
C48E5EBFC00ABD89094CB73A2B0BEA59557.05KBLv2diag.self to remarry Bluray Drive
7A20BFDAE65EEFB47A4425DB1B52DCDE201.42KBLv2diag.self (FILE2) to return to normal retail functions (after downgrade 3.55 to 3.41)
81EDD4D4A02FD0ED4B65834570CA85A5272.42KBCOBRA v7.1 09-11-15 v4.76 Source Code
BF0BCFBD2328CB9F2FC6A7EE2336A6FA96.97MBAV-Tool Firmware 1.30
A8E6DFD6A1465DC826AD1E7E98D6AE3D90.73MBAV-Tool Firmware 1.00
0E172D5E7BF16A83BC80BE02DB4E6B693.94MB085.015 JIG Files