Available Known Firmware for Rogero CFW

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MD5SizeFW VersionDescription & Link
346b183f615a38020d398df005899065193.92MB4.46-Rog v1.00 -Rogero CFW v1.00 (FW 4.46 [CEX])
3f94515e1b6e3c0ce546a30f229eeff6194.5MB4.55-Rog v1.00 -Rogero CFW v1.00 (FW 4.55 [CEX])
aced1947b311c205a3b82f3d26fbf8b3194.21MB4.46-Rog v1.01 -Rogero CFW v1.01 (FW 4.46 [CEX])
659458af7fedfcfe4b027c6349f32d6c194.61MB4.50-Rog v1.01 -Rogero CFW v1.01 (FW 4.50 [CEX])
8f8166b25d6bed891f292c77de5c4b28170.55MB3.55CEX-Rogero v3.7-Rogero CFW v1.37 (FW 3.55 [CEX])
9e3053031c58490ebaf5ea5e6c7cb34c191.84MB4.21-Rogero V2-Rogero CFW v2.00 (FW 4.21 [CEX])
91fb63b42b9d3e24a29478a71524de64192.27MB4.30-Rog v2.05 -Rogero CFW v2.05 (FW 4.30 [CEX])
b67747f529d047d63151786544a58b50183.45MB3.55 Rogero - Downgrader-Rogero Downgrader [CEX] (RSOD Patch) [THIS WILL DOWNGRADE YOUR SYSTEM TO 3.55]
cc55f7f0c29aa310150db50c16f82c60162.21MB3.55-DEX-DG-Rogero-Rogero Downgrader [DEX] (NoBD Patch) [THIS WILL DOWNGRADE YOUR SYSTEM TO 3.55]