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Search results for "05" in PS5 System Firmware

Reminder: A "PS5 Disc Update" is just a web update, padded with null bytes (hex 0x00) until it is exactly 2GB (2147483648 bytes)
A simple Linux Bash Script is available to easily create a "PS5 Disc Update" from a "PS5 Web Update"

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SHA256SizeDescription & LinkFile Added
10DE0A8B4663FB08050AA587ABE8240859F9AD05A36F370AAC9717300DC15AD31007.86MBPS5 Official Retail System Firmware v05.002 years ago (2022-04-21 01:34:59)
8F5AF819889A046ACD2E3186CFA9924D954CDB0C9A67D9863627339326088A771007.86MBPS5 Official Retail System Firmware v05.022 years ago (2022-04-21 00:35:02)
F4C194A6ED3F1B54244C6D92A2F2FB754001B949EDFBF87EB92E56B1E601CB3D1011.27MBPS5 Official Retail System Firmware v05.102 years ago (2022-05-12 20:39:57)
3BE91A0CFA6ADAF4DAB5699DAA57551AD7E94490A07C7AB955230CEE09ED00971011.3MBPS5 Official Retail System Firmware v05.502 years ago (2022-07-07 20:30:14)