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Available Known Firmware for Rogero CFW

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MD5SizePUP VersionDescription & Link
3F94515E1B6E3C0CE546A30F229EEFF6194.5MB4.55-Rog v1.00Rogero CFW v1.00 (FW 4.55 [CEX])
659458AF7FEDFCFE4B027C6349F32D6C194.61MB4.50-Rog v1.01Rogero CFW v1.01 (FW 4.50 [CEX])
ACED1947B311C205A3B82F3D26FBF8B3194.21MB4.46-Rog v1.01Rogero CFW v1.01 (FW 4.46 [CEX])
346B183F615A38020D398DF005899065193.92MB4.46-Rog v1.00Rogero CFW v1.00 (FW 4.46 [CEX])
B10FDCACB295B25861603282497E3404194.06MB4.40-Rog v1.034.40 Rogero V1.03 CEX
91FB63B42B9D3E24A29478A71524DE64192.27MB4.30-Rog v2.05Rogero CFW v2.05 (FW 4.30 [CEX])
5F7434A46F7909689B00558A06071689192.25MB4.30-Rog v2.034.30 Rogero V2.03 CEX (Rogero CEX-4.30 CFW v2.03 - based on OFW4.30) [OK]
9E3053031C58490EBAF5EA5E6C7CB34C191.84MB4.21-Rogero V2Rogero CFW v2.00 (FW 4.21 [CEX])
8F8166B25D6BED891F292C77DE5C4B28170.55MB3.55CEX-Rogero v3.7Rogero CFW v1.37 (FW 3.55 [CEX])
CC55F7F0C29AA310150DB50C16F82C60162.21MB3.55-DEX-DG-RogeroRogero Downgrader [DEX] (NoBD Patch) [THIS WILL DOWNGRADE YOUR SYSTEM TO 3.55]